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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I contact Meeku Tickets?
Meeku Tickets is an online service only. Queries using our contact form are welcome at any time and we will respond as soon as possible within business hours. You can find the link 'contact us' at the bottom of each page.
+ How do I book tickets?
Choose the event or activity and follow the process through each step. Usually you will need to choose the amount of tickets for you and your party, a particular time slot or performance time and at most times you will need to choose a specific day to attend. Please contact us before purchasing tickets if you have any questions as tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded once payment has been taken. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email for your order. If you do not receive this email, please contact us to ensure that your order was successful. Please also check your junk folder for the confirmation email.
+ How do I get my tickets?
Tickets are provided in a variety of ways. They may be collected at the venue, referred to as COBO (care of box office). The cardholder will need to collect these with the confirmation email and a valid form of ID. Tickets may be dispatched by post (any applicable postal charges will be clearly shown after choosing tickets and before payment is taken). E-Tickets may be provided if the venue allows for this. Vouchers may also be dispatched for such events as Experience Days. Where tickets are dispatched to your address, this usually takes place 7-10 days before the event. This is to ensure that the event is not cancelled or rescheduled which would involve tickets being returned. Dispatch of tickets for high profile events may also be subject to security measures to avoid resale.
+ Can I refund or exchange my tickets?
Once tickets have been purchased, Meeku Tickets does not provide exchanges or refunds as orders are confirmed instantly with promoters and venues. If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed, an exchange or refund may be provided as instructed by promoters, venues or in line with your statutory rights. Meeku Tickets does not cover any additional costs such as hotels or travel and would recommend travel insurance to cover these additional third-party costs, if relevant. Where refunds are permitted, Meeku Tickets will refund the value paid for the ticket excluding any booking, transaction, delivery fees. Meeku will not be liable for any such cancellations, rescheduled events or postponements and will do its best to contact customers either by phone, email or in writing, requesting the return of the tickets. Please note, it is the customer's responsibility to check whether the event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue, and Meeku cannot guarantee that they will inform the customer of any changes to the event date, time or venue.
+ Where do I collect my tickets?
You will need to collect your tickets at the box office. The box office will need a copy of the confirmation email and a valid form of ID. If the payment card you used has expired, another form of ID will be acceptable. For venue details such as parking, amenities etc., it is advisable to contact the venue directly to ensure you receive accurate and up to date information.
+ Can I give my tickets to somebody else?
Venues do not have to release tickets to any person other than the purchasing cardholder. The cardholder needs to collect tickets at the venue with the confirmation email and ID. Meeku Tickets cannot guarantee that tickets may be collected by another person. Where some venues may allow for this, we are more than happy to make arrangements but we can give no guarantee that this can be arranged for definite as the purchase was made by the cardholder.
+ I am customer with a disability.
Anyone can book a ticket using our site. If you require different seats due to specific needs or assistance of any kind then venues recommend that you contact and book with them directly. It is possible that tickets sold via Meeku Tickets are suitable, but we ask that you contact us first before purchasing to check.
+ I cannot find my confirmation email.
You can request another copy at any time via our ‘contact us’ form. Send us a message and a new confirmation will be on its way. Please remember to check your email junk folder.
+ I have lost my tickets. What should I do?
If you have lost your tickets or cannot find them, please let us know via our ‘contact us’ form at the bottom of each page and we will arrange duplicate tickets to be waiting for collection at the venue. The original set of tickets will be cancelled and the new tickets will get you into your seats. It’s very easy but you will need the original confirmation email which you can ask for at any time if you need a copy.
+ My tickets have not arrived in the post.
Occasionally, there may be delays or your tickets may not arrive. Please don’t worry, we have back-up procedures in place and we should be able to duplicate tickets for collection at the venue. Let us know before the event and we will speak to the venue or promoters on your behalf.
+ How do I change my personal details?
Simply logon and make the necessary changes under ‘my account’. If you are changing your address details and need tickets delivered to your new home, please let us know after making the change as we may need to alert the promoters if tickets are to be dispatched.
+ How do I stop email and SMS text updates?
You may change how we contact you by logging on to your account. To unsubscribe from our services at any time please email info@meeku.com or texting END to 87121
+ I can't remember my password.
You can request a new password at any time via the password request feature. For security reasons, password resets may carry a reasonable time limit. To access this feature, go to ‘log in or sign up’ at the top right corner of the home page of Meeku Tickets. Underneath the password box, select ‘don’t know your password?’ and follow the instructions. Please check your junk folder also once you have made a request.
+ I have a query about Experience Days.
Meeku.com is an Experience Day Voucher Seller with a huge variety of activities. Specific locations for these activities may vary and we welcome any and all queries via our ‘contact us’ form. We can also provide a designated helpline number direct to the supplier if we are unable to answer your query fully. Terms and conditions may apply for Experience Days and these can be found under the general terms and conditions section for Meeku Tickets.
+ Where are your Terms and Conditions?
There is a link to our Terms and Conditions at the foot of each page of our website.
+ I want to change my personal preferences.
Simply log on to your account and you can modify how often we contact you and in what way.