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+ What is EE Tickets?
EE Tickets is an Online Service exclusively to EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile customers, EE Tickets gives you access to fantastic live events in your region, often at a discount or offering other benefits exclusively for EE customers. Enjoy theatre, comedy, live music, nightclubs, exhibitions and museums at an offer price negotiated specifically on your behalf as an EE customer offer.
+ Why do you need to know my preferences?
By letting us know a little bit more about what type of events you like and where you like to go out, we can prioritise the more relevant events that we tell you about and not waste your time with events that don’t appeal.
+ How often will you contact me with offers?
After you've created your account, you'll get the chance tell us how often we can contact you. You are in control You can change the frequency, by changing your preferences anytime. Keeping your preferences up to date helps us to send you only relevant and timely offers.
+ How do I change my preferences?
Simply log in to your account, if you haven’t done so already, and go to ‘my account’. Select the ‘my details’ tab to let us know what type of events you’re into or the ‘my communication preferences’ tab to let us know where you like to go out and how often you want to hear from us.
+ The prices and the events are great...are the seats any good?
We have been working hard with artists, event promoters and venue owners to bring you amazing offers. If you decide you'd like to purchase a ticket to a seated event, in many cases you'll be able to see a seating plan and choose from a selection of seats so you know what you are getting with no surprises!
+ How do I get my ticket?
During the booking process you will be informed of the dispatch method for this particular event, this is clearly shown before payment, so no surprises. If your tickets are to be collected from the venue simply print off your order confirmation and present it on the day at the venue’s box office, together with the credit card you used to purchase the tickets. No additional payment will be taken at the box office - credit card presentation is simply required to provide you the reassurance that in the unlikely event someone acquires a copy of your purchase receipt – they won’t be allowed in and you will.

Some venues allow you to print your tickets online, and whenever this is possible, you will always be given the option at time of booking.

Tickets may also be posted to you, on some occasions tickets may not be dispatched until 7-10 days prior to the event.
+ Can I pay for the ticket through my mobile bill?
We're looking into this, at the moment we accept popular credit and debit cards, and all your payments are made securely over our encrypted service.
+ Can I get my money back?
In the event of the cancellation or postponement of or a significant change to an event by the organiser/promoter (i.e. a cancellation or postponement due to circumstances beyond the control of EE or its ticketing partners), EE Tickets will refund the value paid for the ticket excluding any booking, transaction, delivery fees. EE Tickets will not be liable for any such cancellations or postponements. EE Tickets will do its best to contact customers either by phone, email or in writing (using the details provided at the time of registering) and advise them to return the tickets. Please note, however, it is the customer's responsibility to check whether the event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue, and EE Tickets cannot guarantee that they will inform the customer of any changes to the event date, time or venue.
+ Can I give my ticket to a friend?
You’ll need to collect your ticket at the box office, and to prove you’ve bought it, you’ll need to bring along the card you used for the purchase. Who uses it afterwards is up to you!
+ What do I do if I lose my tickets?
Please look after your tickets carefully, if they are lost or stolen they may not be able to be replaced. However, if you have lost tickets which you have already collected from the venue's box office then replacement of tickets is subject to the venue's terms & conditions and it is your responsibility to liaise directly with the venue.

In the event that your sales confirmation receipt or print at home tickets are lost subject to the type of event you might be able to reprint these online, simply log in via a device connected to a printer and go to ‘my account’. Within the ‘my events’ tab, click ‘my orders’, select the correct event and click ‘re-print tickets’.
+ Who do I contact if I have any issues or problems?
Our contact details can be found on our ‘contact us’ page.
+ Where can I find a copy of your Terms and Conditions?
There is a link to our Terms and Conditions at the foot of each page.